One thing many people have realized staying home more is that they need more color on their walls. Abstract watercolors are an excellent way to add color, flow, and life to your decor. Plus, they make awesome gifts.

Abstract Woman II and Abstract Woman  both convey the beauty of a portrait along with the dreamy lines and soft splashes of color that are the hallmarks of Liz’s unique and beautiful work.

Liz Covington’s Green Abstract painting is a soft foray into all things green and would make a great complimentary piece for a beige or earth-toned room or used as a contrast in a room with warm tones.

Want an artwork that is bright and catches eyes? Check out Homies I and Homies II are exercises in pouring color over a canvas and getting this unique outcome.  This type of art highlights one of the best things about abstract art, every time you look at it, you find something new.

Liz Covington’s abstract watercolors are sure to add a pop of vibrant and glassy color to any room in your home. For more information about the artist’s upcoming works or events, send her an email or follow her creative journey on Instagram.