With the holiday gifting season upon us, particularly with the time of year requiring social distancing and other measures, it can be difficult to nail down the perfect gift. Whether you’re considering something unique and gorgeous to wear from Liz Covington’s store or landscape watercolors, art is always the perfect gift. 

“Dreamscape” is a framed painting that is currently on the website https://www.instagram.com/p/CH1nzKLn0QN/

Her landscapes make full use of her skills with watercolor paint. She has the ability to create light, bright seascapes or colorful mountainous scenes. Nearly everything she shares is rooted in a memory. For example, Covington’s “Moonlit Tree,” inspired by a trip to a Moscow museum where the artist saw the works of Alexander Puskin.

Another piece painted from a happy memory is “Springtime”  which highlights the beauty of blossoming cherry trees.  https://www.instagram.com/p/B7mLwKSnOue/?utm_source=ig_embed

Don’t forget to check out her work at The Hive Gallery during its second Thursday exhibitions. Due to Covid-19, the venue is only scheduling up to 14 people at a time into the gallery. 

No matter if you want to find the perfect holiday present or you want something for your own walls, landscape watercolors expertly crafted by Elizabeth Covington fit the bill. For more information about Covington’s art or upcoming events, you can contact the artist at Liz@CovingtonWatercolors.com.