One way to make your room pop with brightness in your current decor scheme is to add landscape watercolors by Liz Covington.

There are numerous ways to determine the best fit for your room. A good way to begin is by writing down the primary and secondary colors for the palette that makes up all your current room design. When choosing artwork for your walls, there a few considerations:

Do you want complementary or contrasting colors?

Do you want to create an accent or focal point?

A single artwork such as Coming Home can be used to harmonize in decors with tones of beige or blue. The same piece can also be used to create contrast in design schemes with the darker tones in this gorgeous piece.

The size of the piece or pieces can create a mood in a room. A single large-size print can command a wall or use a number of small size prints such as grouping 5×7-inch framed artworks together for a fun accent.

Bring a breath of freshness to any room in your home with the beautiful landscape watercolors from Covington Watercolors. Liz does custom commissions and you may contact the artist directly or follow her creative journey on Instagram @lizcovingtonwatercolors.

Covington Watercolors