Watercolor Portraits: Impactful, Intimate, Sublime

Are you a collector or art-savvy gift-giver looking for watercolor portraits to perfect your collection or surprise your friends? Elizabeth Covington is a contemporary watercolor artist and figure expressionist. She has a decade’s worth of experience in the art scene, and a lifetime’s worth of beautiful stories to share through her skill with watercolors. Covington’s portraiture is distinct in its visual style and its utilization of the luminescence and soft, dreamy textures inherent to watercolors. Through these traits unique to the medium, she conveys a depth of emotion and intimacy that is both soft and surreal and reflects the way we hold people close in our hearts and minds.
This year, Covington received awards for her portraiture and figure expressionism, and is regarded as one of 2019’s best figure expressionists. If you want to see her work live at events, keep an eye on the event calendar on the homepage or follow Covington on Instagram for frequent updates and sneak peeks of new pieces. You can also find Covington’s work and a variety of forms available for purchase, including prints, greeting cards, posters, wearable art, and original pieces.
If you’re looking for inspiring watercolor portraits to collect or give to loved ones, Liz Covington’s diverse array of available artwork has a little something for everyone. For more information about Covington’s work or upcoming events, you can contact the artist directly at Liz@CovingtonWatercolors.com.