Timeless and Vibrant Works From a Watercolor Artist Near You

What are you looking for when you type “watercolor artist near me” into your preferred search engine? Are you looking for somebody who merely produces art to be consumed, or are you looking for something more? Something that speaks to the soul and pulls you in with both the finesse of technique and the story it tells?   If you’re looking for the latter, you’re in luck. Elizabeth Covington is a highly experienced watercolor artist that offers a broad selection of hand-crafted works for collectors and aficionados alike to enjoy.   Covington’s art is available in a variety of formats, including:
  • Priceless original works
  • High-quality art prints and posters
  • Crisp, beautiful greeting cards
Covington even offers wearable watercolor painting so you can spice up your wardrobe!   When it comes to art, why settle for less than a painter who produces meaningful and personal works? Choose an artist that wants not just to communicate their story, but to connect with the viewer in an intimate way that no other medium can.   If you’re ready to upgrade your artistic consumption with a watercolor artist near you, especially if you’re in the Los Angeles area, Elizabeth Covington is here to offer something different, something unique, for you to enjoy. For more information about Covington’s works or upcoming events, you can contact her directly at Liz@CovingtonWatercolors.com.