What’s dreamy, flows with color, and can have a meaning? The answer is floral watercolors from Liz Covington. She has an extensive array of original and prints with different types of decorative themes.

“A Rose is a Rose”  https://covingtonwatercolors.com/product/a-rose-is-a-rose/ is a gorgeous pink rosebud available as an original and a print. Pink roses can carry a meaning of joy, happiness, and thanks. This makes a perfect housewarming gift or a way to tell someone how happy you are. They are a part of your life.

The painting titled, “Blossom II” by Liz Covington https://covingtonwatercolors.com/product/blossom-ii/ is a serene magnolia blossom that has a traditional meaning of dignity, purity, and feminism. This is an excellent piece with its neutral palette that will blend with nearly any decor.

“Callas” https://covingtonwatercolors.com/product/callas/ pop with color. While the ancient Romans considered lilies to be a flower associated with lust, the meaning in the present is beauty and dignity. The lily is the flower associated with 6th anniversaries, and a print of this painting makes a divine gift to celebrate the union. Need the perfect gift or decor touch? Floral watercolors make a great addition. Liz also does custom commissions, and you may contact the artist directly or follow her creative journey on Instagram @lizcovingtonwatercolors.