A great way to have beautiful, blooming flowers all year round is through floral watercolors which Covington Watercolors has available both as original and prints.

Dreamscape is a popular print that has soft colors and dreamy dandelions and thistles. Available in five different sizes from small to large so you can add it as an accent piece to an impact piece in your room. https://covingtonwatercolors.com/product/dreamscape-of-dandelions-and-thistles-poster/

Sunflowers are the flowers of a sunny disposition, happiness, and friendship. https://covingtonwatercolors.com/product/sunflowers/  Liz has also created fashions through Art-a-Porter featuring her popular Callas Lilies. https://www.art-a-porter.com/en/elizabeth.covington .

In her Art-a-Porter store, Liz offers a full line of masks, tunic tops, dresses, and more designed with a high-end look in mind. Love one of her works that you do not see available as a tunic top, scarf, or other clothing items? You can also vote on items you want to see designed next.

If you need to choose a gift, forget flowers that don’t last. Send a work of art. When you purchase a print, you can have it mailed to the person of your choosing for you and with the holiday season just around the corner, it makes checking off your gift list easy with gifts your recipient will appreciate and enjoy for years to come. Covington Watercolors has a diverse selection of floral watercolors, both as a part of a personal collection and as a gift. Contact the artist directly or follow her creative journey on Instagram @lizcovingtonwatercolors to find out more about her work and where she is showing in person.