Everyone needs a little art in their lives. Whether it’s an original art laptop sleeve, a beautiful tote bag, or a coffee mug, the human condition thrives on artistic creations and the enjoyment of beauty. Covington Watercolors offers high-quality original art and prints, as well as merchandise featuring her pieces, so that collectors and aficionados alike can enjoy them.

Covington’s work is packed with consistently skillful renditions of a diverse array of subject matter. Collectors in love with floral watercolors, impactful portraits, or powerful political pieces can find all of that and more here.

Covington’s most recent work was showcased on Instagram: a detailed and vibrant take on timeless calla lilies inspired by 20-century watercolorist Brenda Bagg. This piece is an 11″ x 15″ created with watercolor and Permapaque pens. Calla lilies are often an Easter flower, associating them with rebirth, renewal, and resurrection. White calla lilies, in particular, denote innocence as well as the meanings mentioned above.

Covington’s classic daisies are a perfect symbol of new beginnings once quarantine periods elapse all around the USA and the world. Yellow daisies are an iconic symbol of happiness, friendship, and the joys one can derive from life and nature.

This experienced painter has also created pieces centered around such classic flowers as purple orchids. Did you know that these beautiful plants symbolize admiration, royalty, dignity, and respect?

Whether you want an original art laptop sleeve or another quality artisan product, Liz Covington’s works and goods are crafted with the care that discerning art lovers need and deserve. Contact the artist directly or follow her creative journey on [Instagram] (https://www.instagram.com/lizcovingtonwatercolors/?hl=en).