Love Paris? You’ll Love This Architecture Watercolor Artist

Have you been looking for an architecture watercolor artist that offers exciting perspectives on the things we take for granted in our everyday lives? Covington Watercolors provides an impressive array of artworks for you to choose from that each tells a unique and beautiful story relating to the human experience. Whether you love animals, floral pieces, or compelling portraits that hit you right in the heart, Elizabeth Covington crafts pieces that cover a vast array of subject matter while still being tailored the human stories. Covington’s debut architectural piece depicts one of the most well-loved pieces of architecture in the world over: the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. This beautiful piece, titled “Eiffel,” is not only unique in its production and stylistic beauty, but it also offers a unique perspective on this gorgeous architectural marvel, both literally and figuratively. Covington also offers a wide variety of other pieces available as originals, prints, greeting cards, and even apparel, including:
  • Fun, vibrant animal portraits, particularly of dogs
  • Gorgeous and timeless floral paintings with mesmerizing geometry
  • Powerful portraits crafted with finesse and love
  • Skilled and impactful abstraction full of raw emotion
  • And many other pieces that speak to the heart
If you’re ready to add a pop of beauty and color to your walls that can’t be found anywhere else, Elizabeth Covington’s collection may have something for you. For more information about other pieces from this architecture watercolor artist, or for more about upcoming events and other inquiries, contact Covington at