Landscape Waters On Your Wall, On Your Coffee Cup and More!

When you’re putting together a design for a room, using landscape watercolors for the artwork on the walls is a good idea. Bringing the outdoors inside creates a calm, serene feeling and the use of a complementary palette allows the matching of both primary and secondary colors used throughout the room. But your walls are not the only place that Liz Covington has created designs for.

Laptop Sleeves Don’t Have to Be Boring This laptop sleeve is designed using Liz’s painting “Moonlit Lake” and has a dreamy landscape effect. This would make the perfect gift for a graduate heading off to college or anyone that is on the go with their laptop.  Available in both 13 and 15-inches, it makes a safe way to carry around your Chromebook, iPad, or small Surface.

Love your cup of joe in the morning? Drink it in style with a coffee mug that is uniquely you with a landscape from Liz Covington. Made to match the laptop sleeve, they make a great gift together as a pair.

There are so many ways to utilize landscapes in your decor and they have the ability to blend into most design schemes including French County, Traditional, and when paired with a stark white or deep black frame, even a modern or industrial room can benefit from a touch of dreamy watercolor art.

Landscape watercolors make a great addition to any decor or a thoughtful gift. Liz also does custom commissions, and you may contact the artist directly or follow her creative journey on Instagram @lizcovingtonwatercolors.