Landscape Watercolors That Pop With Color

Are you looking for beautiful and ethereal landscape watercolors that make great use of the medium’s strengths? If so, Elizabeth Covington may be just what the doctor ordered. Not only is this highly experienced artist, family physician, and award winner active in the Los Angeles art scene, but she also consistently produces high-quality works that can put a smile on every art lover’s face.
Covington’s landscapes cover a wide variety of locations and subject matter, from Olympic National Park in Washington to California’s gorgeous beaches, to the daunting terrain of Death Valley. Her skilled hand weaves stories made to touch all hearts through expressive artistic gestures, vivid colors, and striking imagery. Soft, dreamy colors fold together to create scenery evocative of memories we hold dear.
If you want to keep up with the latest events and works from Elizabeth Covington, her Instagram is the place to go! Her page is more than just a showcase of works and event announcements: it is a collection of positivity and the joys that can come from artistic expression. You can find originals, prints, posters, and even wearable art available for beautifying your home and wardrobe–or someone else’s!
Covington’s array of works goes much further than the realm of landscapes, still lifes, and floral pieces. She also offers abstracts, portraits, poignant political statements, cityscapes, and much more. One of her most recent endeavors is contributing art to a collaborative effort by the Hive Gallery to create a tarot deck. Whether you want quality landscape watercolors for your gallery wall or to give to a loved one, Covington Watercolors is sure to have a little something for you. For more information about this award-winning artist, or to get in touch with her about upcoming events or other needs, you can contact her directly at