Landscape Watercolors Many Ways from Covington Watercolors 

Usinglandscape watercolors in your room design is a great way to tie all of the colors in the room together. Plus landscapes work to bring the great outdoors into your room. Whether it is a serene look at a still pond or a hawk flying over a field looking for prey, a landscape can convey a million different feelings.  

Landscapes and Laptop Sleeves? Since the pandemic, working at home and doing school remotely has become even more important. This laptop sleeve is designed using Liz’s painting “Moonlit Lake” and would make the perfect gift for anyone that works at home or engages in remote learning. Available in both 13 and 15-inches, it makes a safe way to carry around your Chromebook, iPad, or small -size Surface laptop.

Landscapes and Coffee Mugs? 

Art does not have to only be on your wall. Liz has designed several high-quality coffee mugs, some with prints of her most popular landscape paintings.

Landscapes can evoke memories of a place you visited. Liz often paints memories of places to capture how it looked through her eyes. Landscape watercolors are a great way to ramp up your interior design and bring in the outdoors. They also make a wonderful gift. Liz Covington is available for custom commissions, and you may contact the artist directly or follow her creative journey on Instagram @lizcovingtonwatercolors.