Landscape Watercolors Make Perfect Gifts

Are you shopping for holiday gifts and trying to find the perfect piece for that special someone? Elizabeth Covington’s gorgeous and dreamy landscape watercolors might be just the thing you need to say something beautiful with your gifts. Original art and prints from an experienced painter are both a delight to behold and impart memories and emotional depth that last a lifetime.
Covington’s award-winning pieces cover a wide array of subject matter and human experiences to tell stories that can hit the heart of each and every viewer. This dedication to storytelling, combined with a decade’s worth of experience as a watercolor artist, puts Covington in a unique place as an artist that aspires to bring people from all walks of life together.
Why choose art for your holiday gifts?
  • Giving somebody art that you’ve carefully selected shows that you care about them, their interests, and the things that they love, prioritize, and find beautiful.
  • Art is a gift that can be passed down for generations, only deepening the sentiment behind these pieces over time. Art ages like fine wine.
  • Giving beautiful art compliments both art collections and home decor, meaning you can pick items that perfectly harmonize with the way somebody lives.
  • It’s incredibly thoughtful to go out of your way to curate a piece that you know somebody will love for years to come.
Whether you’d like to find comfortable wearable art to give to someone special or high-quality landscape watercolors for your holiday gift-giving, Liz Covington has it all and so much more. For more information about Covington’s work or upcoming events she might be attending, you can contact the artist at