Choose Current Watercolor Artists with Heart

Are you looking for up-and-coming current watercolor artists, whether to find the perfect piece for your collection or to surprise a special someone with a beautiful gift that lasts a lifetime? Elizabeth Covington is a Minnesota native in Los Angeles who’s been painting since 2009. She brings a broad array of interests to her genuine love of the medium of watercolor to produce beautiful pieces that tell stories both big and small.
Covington is continuously creating and sharing her creations with the world, whether it’s a beautiful and tender portrait of her daughter or a gorgeously-rendered landscape depicting a place near and dear to her heart. Travel enthusiasts, animal lovers, and those with a passion for nature or political issues are sure to find works that speak to their souls through her use of glassy and luminous colors.
Want to keep track of Covington and her upcoming events? Keep an eye on the events calendar on the home page or follow her on Instagram for new art and opportunities to purchase works in person directly from the artist. If you want to find unique art from current watercolor artists, consider the broad repertoire of gorgeous works offered by experienced painter Liz Covington. For more information about Covington’s pieces, or to contact the artist directly, you can get in touch at