Are you looking to spruce up your home decor with abstract watercolors? Liz Covington’s repertoire is packed with fascinating fusions of floral, portrait, and landscape with abstraction and saturated colors to create a unique and inviting space to enjoy.

Considering how to spruce up your space with an abstract piece? Here are some helpful tips for getting the most out of your selections:

  • Abstraction separates with the mind. An abstract piece distills a concept or scene into a different form that still represents it through colors, lines, shapes, and texture. Think about what is meaningful to you and what appeals to you when seeing it represented in a symbolic way.
  • Appreciating the purity of abstraction. Abstract art is liberating in many ways, including its ability to convey something relevant to the viewer without necessarily having a strong correlation with reality.
  • Think about theming. Abstract art is designed to convey something without being a faithful adaptation of reality. Think about themes that resonate with your tastes as well as the decor in your home. Use a color wheel or palette creation app like Color Harmony to determine colors well-suited to your preferences and decor.
  • Take note of prominent colors in your home. A smart tip for coordinating your art collection to your decor is making a note of prominent pieces like vases, sculptures, and other decorative elements in your home. Furniture is also a good bastion of inspiration for finding colors that speak to you.

Liz Covington’s abstract watercolors are sure to add a pop of vibrant and glassy color to any room in your home. For more information about the artist’s upcoming works or events, send her an email or follow her creative journey on Instagram.