Landscape watercolors do not have to look like a photo, sometimes they can be dreamy, almost abstract pieces. Elizabeth Covington offers you an incredibly vast amount of watercolor paintings of landscapes. Beautiful and looking as if they’re stuck in time, any painting you buy will make a wonderful and elegant decorative piece for your room.

Elizabeth Covington’s watercolor landscape paintings provide a lovely sight and show a great understanding of watercolor color painting. This piece above titled “Dust Beckons” displays Covington’s use of very few colors to create such a powerful painting. How just the sky and two pigments can create something wonderful.

This piece shows how Covington can use many colors together to create something so stunning. This sunset watercolor painting strikes your soul with the same passion that was felt as it was painted.

This last piece shows how Liz can create something simply made yet pleasant to look at. It is of late winter walks in Minnesota, and the white of the canvas greatly reflects this. Using light brush strokes to create a very easy on the eyes and simple piece is something Covington is great at.

Landscape watercolors are a wonderful piece of decor for your home. Elizabeth Covington also is available for custom commissions, and you may contact her directly or follow her creative journey on Instagram @lizcovingtonwatercolors. This is one artist that will never disappoint you. Creating a masterpiece every single time without fail.