Whether you’re in the mood to decorate your home or give a gift that lasts a lifetime, you’re in luck. Liz Covington is a highly experienced watercolor artist specializing in a variety of subject matter, including animal watercolors, landscapes, portraits, and much more. Covington’s animal-related pieces include portraits of adorable French bulldogs. Dog-lovers, rejoice!

The most prevalent theme in Covington’s art as of late is togetherness, in response to the social distancing measures and stay at home measures employed in response to COVID-19. Covington’s recent paintings celebrate spaces where we can be together as a community once more.

This piece is another one that reflects the theme of togetherness and community, young and old, families and friends, neighbors and strangers alike, all together, and enjoying the same games. The symbolism of the chessboard also reflects the careful strategies we are currently employing to maintain a sense of camaraderie while observing current regulations.

The third recent piece related to current events is a self-portrait of Covington, looking anxiously overhead as enlarged microbes loom in the background. This period of social distancing will undoubtedly be a unique period in history, and one that many artists will surely commemorate with unique art pieces.

While art shows and gallery openings may be off the table, for now, you can always check out Liz Covington’s shop for new animal watercolors, coffee mugs, tote bags, and much more. For more information about available art, you can contact Covington at Liz@CovingtonWatercolors.com, or follow her on Instagram.