If you are a lover of floral watercolors, Liz Covington is a watercolorist with a broad array of floral compositions. There are a number of ways to bring Liz’s creations into your home and even your wardrobe.

Liz has original artworks available with a myriad of beautiful floral designs. From gorgeous roses to bright sunny sunflowers, check into the store often for the latest creations.

Prints are another way to build up your art collection with floral-themed watercolors. Liz makes fine art prints ranging from greeting card size to large enough to be an impact piece in any decor.

Through Art-a-Porter [https://www.art-a-porter.com/en/elizabeth.covington] Liz has a full line of masks, tunic tops, dresses, and more designed with a high-end look in mind. You can also vote on items you want to see designed next.

Covington’s florals are impactful and vibrant in ways that can imbue any space with a unique style that showcases the brilliance of nature. Her work is filled with flowers and other plants, including Philodendrons, Calla lilies, Roses, Daisies, just to name a few.

Covington Watercolors is the place for anyone who loves floral watercolors, both as a part of a personal collection and as a gift. Contact the artist directly or follow her creative journey on Instagram @lizcovingtonwatercolors to find out more about her work, upcoming events, and much more