Art and symbolism have always been intertwined to communicate the beauty and depth of the human mind, heart, and spirit. Whether you are drawn to floral watercolors, photography, or any other medium, chances are the artists you love communicate essential things about the world and the stories most dear to them through symbols.

Through these same symbols, we can attach our own meanings and stories and establish a connection with the art–and artist—that helps us make such associations. Liz Covington’s watercolors strive to do just that: bring people together through expertly-crafted pieces that hold both personal meaning and broader messages for onlookers.

Flowers, in particular, have a long and storied history of symbolism attributed to them. During the Victorian era of the late 19th century, a whole language was developed around meticulously-crafted flower arrangements. Famous painters, playwrights, and authors alike have communicated specific meanings through flowers. These gorgeous plants are tied to mythology itself through ancient tales like that of Narcissus. The wide-reaching symbolism of flowers is a universal aspect of human cultures going back to their inception.

Want to catch Covington’s florals, portraits, or other watercolors live? Check out these upcoming events:

Want to check out this beautiful gallery chock-full of unique works by black artists celebrating their history? You can go to 1435 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA, 91103

  • On March 3 through 28th, you can find her pieces at the San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center. The reception for this event will take place on March 8.
  • Make sure to visit the Alkebulan Cultural Center in Pasadena for their Black History Month Exhibit! Covington’s four pieces will be shown there until February 29.
  • Covington is also exhibiting pieces in the Burbank Arts’ Hidden Jewels exhibit until February 27.

Whether your passion is collecting floral watercolors, finding beautiful gifts for loved ones, or scoping out the Los Angeles art scene, Liz Covington’s art is packed with color and meaning. For more information about Covington’s works, products, or upcoming events, you can contact the artist at