With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it can be hard to decide on the perfect gift. Whether you’re considering beautiful apparel or original landscape watercolors to give to that special someone, Elizabeth Covington offers a wide array of timeless and elegant gift options hand-crafted by an experienced, award- winning artist.

Covington’s landscapes make full use of the medium of watercolor and maximize its potential to create luminous pieces packed to the brim with the emotion. For example, Covington’s “Moonlit Tree,” inspired by a trip to a Moscow museum where the artist saw the works of Alexander Puskin, sets a deep, pensive mood with its gorgeous blues and greens.

For those in the market for warmer colors, consider the bright and sunny “Springtime,” a piece inspired by happy memories of blossoming cherry trees.

February Events

On February 2, the Alkebulan Cultural Center in Pasadena had a reception for Black History Month. Covington is currently exhibiting four of her most iconic artworks. This exhibit will be open throughout the entire month of February. Covington’s exhibited pieces include the following:

  • “African Queen,” a portrait of the mother of a Yoruba queen in Lagos, Nigeria
  • “Barack,” a beautiful watercolor rendering of 44th US President Barack Obama
  • “Jazz Fest,” a piece seeking to give form to jazz music
  • “Nigerian House Girl,” a portrait of Nigerian servant girl that Covington encountered on a trip to Africa at age 21.

You can find the Alkebulan Cultural Center at 1435 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA, 91103. ‍

Don’t forget to check out The Hive Gallery during its second Thursday exhibitions, where Covington will have work on display. On February 13, you can also find new pieces for sale at the DTLA Art walk.

Whether you want to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone in your life, or you simply want to adorn your walls with gorgeously- rendered landscape watercolors, Elizabeth Covington’s repertoire is jam- packed with beautiful and meaningful works for you to choose from. For more information about Covington’s art or upcoming events, you can contact the artist at Liz@CovingtonWatercolors.com.