Captivating Landscapes from Elizabeth Covington

Are you an art lover looking for unique and vibrant landscape watercolors from a professional? Elizabeth Covington is a highly experienced artist with a diverse array of pieces and subject matter held together with a telltale style and vision that is full of heart. Whether you’re a dedicated art collector or looking for a gift for a loved one, you are sure to find something in this gallery of human stories that speaks to your heart. Every landscape by Covington is packed with story and emotion. You can find everything from dreamy, surreal cityscapes to dramatic and heartwarming displays of the majesty of nature.
In November, you can find Covington at the following all-day events with originals, prints, posters, and more for sale:
  • From November 1 to November 3, Covington will be exhibiting work at the Contemporary Crafts Market in the Pasadena Convention Center.
  • From November 8 to November 10, Covington will be showing her art at the Pasadena Hilton Arts & Crafts Show.
Whether you’re looking for landscape watercolors, impactful portraits, or gorgeous wearable art, Elizabeth Covington’s repertoire is sure to have a piece that uplifts your heart. For more information about Covington’s work or upcoming events, you can contact the artist directly at