The  animal watercolors from Liz Covington of Covington Watercolors makes a great addition to any room or a fantastic gift. She has prints with two bulldogs available in a selection of sizes and the neutral palette blends with practically any interior design or decor theme.

If you prefer a custom made artwork, Liz can create a custom pet portrait from a photo you provide. This is a wonderful way to memorialize a pet that has passed on or a companion animal who is part of the family now. When ordering, provide a photo and if you have any specific desires for colors, such as you want a portrait of your tabby cat done in hues of blue, Liz can deliver exactly what you want.

Many people have “spirit animals” and another art gift idea that will make someone smile is to give someone a painting of their favorite or spiritual animal. Just because someone doesn’t have a pet lion doesn’t mean they won’t be pleased to get a painting of their favorite big cat. Crows are said to have access to otherworldly realms and wild horses embody the spirit of freedom. Animal watercolors are a great way to give a fabulous gift or add a touch of whimsy to your own interior. Liz does custom commissions, and you may contact the artist directly or follow her creative journey on Instagram @lizcovingtonwatercolors.