Adorn Your Walls With Powerful Watercolor Portraits

Are you a lover of watercolor portraits that are filled with beauty, meaning, and stories that last a lifetime? Elizabeth Covington seeks to share all types of human experiences through her work. Art is a universal language that connects everyone throughout the world, and Covington’s art aims to express this sentiment through captivating and intimate portraits of all types of people.                 Covington’s watercolor portraits portray a variety of emotions and sentiments that we can all relate to. Her experienced hand utilizes watercolors to tell a compelling story that strikes at the heart of the human condition. Covington’s subject matter also includes:
  • Abstracts
  • Animals
  • Architecture
  • Florals
  • Still-lifes
  • Politics
  • Urban art
  • And much more
You can also find Covington at a variety of events in the Los Angeles area. This past weekend, she set up shop on Green Street during the Pasadena Art Walk on October 12th. Keep an eye on the event calendar near the bottom of the homepage for upcoming art events where Covington offers originals, prints, posters, and greeting cards. In the online storefront, Covington provides these items, as well as wearable art that is tasteful and timeless.
Whether you are an art aficionado or a longtime collector of watercolor portraits, Elizabeth Covington offers a little something for everybody with her diverse array of subject matter and beautifully-crafted pieces. For more information about Covington’s work or upcoming events, you can contact the artist directly at