Abstract Watercolors from a Skilled Los Angeles Artist

                Are you looking for beautiful and dreamlike abstract watercolors to add unique artistic stylings to your collection? Elizabeth Covington has a wide array of pieces that cover a diverse range of topics, from the beauty of nature to intimate portraits of people and animals. Covington’s abstraction is tenderly crafted to explore emotions and memories in a raw and visceral manner balanced by a tender heart and an experienced hand. Covington’s abstracts veer between sharp, vibrant pieces covered in layers of shapes and inspiration, and more subtle, soft, dreamy creations that evoke nostalgia that resonates deeply in the heart. One of Covington’s standout pieces is “Abstract Woman,” a portrait of a woman shrouded by a sea of shapes, colors, and lines that both obscure her and draw the viewer to her. Want to know where you can find Elizabeth Covington’s art near you? On October 12th, from 11 a.m. to 6 PM, you can find her at the Pasadena Art Walk on Green Street, between Oakland Avenue and El Molino Avenue. Covington is also on the cover of Pasadena’s Arroyo Monthly this month.
If you’re looking for beautiful, fun abstract watercolors that offer unique perspectives and can mesh with your home decor, Elizabeth Covington provides a gorgeous selection of pieces that can add some “je ne sais quoi” to any art collection. For more information about Covington’s work, or to find out more about events where you can find her art, you can contact the artist at Liz@CovingtonWatercolors.com.