Abstract Watercolors Fit for Any Collection

Are you a fan of abstract watercolors or other unconventional takes an artistic media? Elizabeth Covington’s watercolors address a variety of subject matter with a consistent and distinct style that sets them apart from the rest. Whether you’re looking for something for your collection or want to give somebody a beautiful gift, there are few things more timeless than the gift of art.
Some of Covington’s most recognized works are those that blend portraiture, floral illustration, and abstraction to create vibrant and colorful stories. Simply looking at these pieces from different angles gives a distinct impression of the meaning and intent behind them. The dynamic patterns and saturated tones blended with glassy, soft colors evoke a sensation reminiscent of synesthesia.
You can even see the tendency toward abstraction and stylization in Covington’s landscapes, floral watercolors, and a variety of other genres. Covington’s style incorporates both the real and the surreal while taking advantage of the traits inherent to watercolor to create soft and dreamy pieces as well as bold and colorful memoirs of the heart.
  On December 19th, Covington was at Hermès Beverly Hills, creating custom watercolor paintings on-demand while the brand showcased its newest fragrance. If you look at Covington’s Instagram, you can find several happy customers who got beautiful custom art from a highly-skilled, award-winning watercolorist. Whether you’re looking for abstract watercolors to perfect your walls, or you want to find a perfect gift for that special someone, Elizabeth Covington’s constantly-growing repertoire is full of award-winning pieces that address of variety of different facets of life, nature, and the things we find beautiful. For more information about Covington’s work, or to get in touch with the artist about upcoming events or other needs, you can contact her at Liz@CovingtonWatercolors.com.