A Storyteller Among Contemporary Watercolor Artists

Are you looking for art from contemporary watercolor artists, either as a gift for a loved one or to add to your growing collection? Elizabeth Covington is a Los Angeles artist with years of experience and a diverse array of works to her name. She offers everything from originals, prints, posters, and greeting cards, to wearable art. Whatever your needs for gorgeously-rendered artistic expression, they’re sure to be met here. Covington’s style takes full advantage of watercolor as a medium, emphasizing soft, dreamy colors and glassy renderings to tell stories that last a lifetime. Her subject matter ranges from everything from the beauty of nature and architecture to human and political narratives that seek to spread awareness. Her care for the world around her shines through in her work.
For the past couple of weekends, Covington showcased her work for sale at the Pasadena Arts & Crafts show. For more information about upcoming events, keep an eye on her event calendar, or follow her on Instagram.
Whether you’re an art aficionado or dedicated collector of work from contemporary watercolor artists, Liz Covington’s art has the perfect blend of beauty and substance to add to your art repertoire. For more information about Covington’s work or upcoming events, you can contact the artist at Liz@CovingtonWatercolors.com.