A Los Angeles Watercolor Artist That Offers Stories for All

Are you looking for contemporary American artists that offer unique perspectives on life and tell beautiful stories through their work? Elizabeth Covington is a Los Angeles watercolor artist that does more than create. She is active in the local art scene and strives to share stories that can touch anyone’s heart. Covington works with a broad selection of subject matter to tell her stories through watercolor and other media, including:
  • Soft, dreamy landscapes that emphasize the beauty of the world
  • Abstract pieces that pinpoint those feelings and experiences that mere words cannot summarize
  • Compelling portraits that portray the human experience through the eyes of someone who truly loves and cares about people
  • And more
Covington offers her work in a variety of ways for you to enjoy, whether you purchase online or at events:
  • High-quality wearable art that is comfortable and vibrant
  • Original pieces that are beautifully crafted from years of experience as a watercolor artist
  • Art prints with impeccable quality for you to choose from
  • Gorgeous greeting cards and other items for your needs
If you want to beautify your space with art that strives to get to the heart of the human condition, you can find it here. Los Angeles watercolor artist Liz Covington’s collection offers of variety of options for your needs. For more information about Covington’s work or upcoming events, you can contact her at Liz@CovingtonWatercolors.com.